Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 11-Here Comes The Weekend....

  Well this is the second weekend I'm here and seeing as how last weekend was not the most successful, I'm trying my hardest to make this one different. I am really starting to get used to being here, although I still really miss everyone back home :-) I am really hoping that I will be off restrictions Monday, as long as my vitals stay normal throughout the weekend. I need to just ride in a car, you don't realize how much you take advantage of

  Today started off pretty rough for me though. Ed was screaming pretty loud this morning and I ended up changing my clothes seven times....I would have kept changing it but I ran out of time. Meals were better today, still struggled a little, but overall I feel like I'm coming around. First group today was check in's; talking about who the week went, and planning our weekend activities. I ended meeting all of my food goals this week, and other than skipping part of my night snack one night, didn't have any symptoms. I even started cutting back on smoking!!! I will beat that habbit too while I'm here too!! Second group today was the media and culture group and we found advertisments out of magazines and identified the product, message, and counter message in each one. It was a huge eye opener for me because we don't realize the affects that advertisments have and what the hidden messages are. It was a really good group.

   Once we came upstairs tonight we had a really rough night. One of the girls in our suite has a sex addiction and she was really wanting to give in to the urges tonight. We tried helping her, and she ended up flipping out. It was a really bad night for all of us. She really triggered a lot of us, and we are definetely going to have to address it Monday. I know that I have to be assertive with her because I am not about to risk my recovery on her at all. So I am a little nervous for Monday to come.

   Monday is also going to be a hard day for me seeing as how it is my Birthday. I opened up during group today that my birthday is a constant reminder that Mindi isn't here anymore. She was always the one that called me at 11:55 just so she could talk to me for 5 minutes in order to be the first one to tell me Happy Birthday. I'll never forget the birthday that she moved my car in a different location while I was getting ready for the basketball game and filled my car with full of balloons. It was little moments like that, that I really miss. I would give all of my birthday wishes for the rest of my life to have those back. Well I need to get off to bed tomorrow will be here quick. Nighty Night <3

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