Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day Three...

   Well today was pretty uneventful except for dinner. There was nothing major that happened today, well I guess I did open up about my past to the group so that is pretty huge for me; especially since it's only day three. I also asked to begin getting an evening snack and we uped my calories again! I was doing fine with everything until dinner then it hit me. I had to eat chicken parmesan which is something that I purged on several times before so it was really really hard to get it down. After struggling to get it down I was able to keep it down by using distractions and reaching out for help. I am so proud of myself right now for being able to make it three days with eating 100% on meal plan and keeping it down. 

    Tonight I really struggled with wanting to excersise. I have been able to use distraction and keeping myself busy. I also came to some realizations today that 1) I haven't wanted to open up to others about the trauma from my past because I felt like others would judge me, and think it was my fault; because that's how I feel inside. I also realized that I had to let go of the people that were dragging me down even if it hurt to let them go. Well I need to get started on some work I have to get done. TTYL <3 

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