Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day Two

    Well today is my second day here at the River Center, and it's been a pretty rough day for me. It started off well because I asked for my calories to be increased to and to change my supplement into actual food. I was fine with the change until dinner and I really started to get full. I was afraid that I was going to throw up, but I managed to keep everything down. However, my mood went down hill really fast this evening.

   I came back to my room this evening and was really struggling. All I could think about was wanting to purge or excersise. I isolated myself from the other girls, but I didn't give into ED. I talked to Kathy for some time and that really seemed to help me feel better. After our talk I was able to come back out to the group and talk about how I was feeling. I even got my place mat done! We each got to decorate our place mat with clippings from magazines, of positive and uplifting messages. It is the hope that those messages of encouragement will help us get through those tough meals. I really hope that tomorrow goes a little bit better for me, and that each day things will get a little bit easier. Well that's all for now. <3

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