Friday, February 10, 2012

Day Four!!

     Well today was a very exceiting day. It started last night around eleven pm when I started getting this sharp shooting pain in my chest and down my arm. I wait for a little bit, then it started all over again. I began to feel super sick and started getting really dizzy. I ran to the bathroom and got sick. Then I realized I couldn't see staright, and Karen helped me lay on the groud while she called for help.

    I went to the ER where I started having seziures. They ended up keeping me over night, givine me lots of fluid and trying to keep the seziures undercontrol. They are not sure what is causing the sezuires they are thinking that it has to do with the wellbutrin I have been talking. So they stop giving me them, and we're going to see if that helps. Well I am sorry this is so short but I am actuallly staring to feel like I'm going to get sick. Nighy night...promise a longer post tomorrow.

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