Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 7

Today was a really insight full day for me. I was really struggling yesterday with not wanting to stay but today I have decided I NEED this place. We had first group today which was just check in and that went okay, then second group was pretty interesting! I had a converstation pretending my mom was in the chair across from me. It was VERY powerful. I didn't say much to her because it was pretty overwhelming for me; but what I did say was pretty amazing. It really made me feel a lot better inside. It was the first step toward healing in that area.

Also one of my friends here got me a zebra stuffed animal today for my hardwork, determination, and progress thus far. I want to give you all my address so you write me or send package, but no food or drink of any kind.....Kendra Beachy
                                  5465 Main St.
                               Sylvania, OH 43560

Well it's time for our nightly TV to ya later! <3

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