Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 5

     Well last night was interesting because I had another seizure and this time the squad was called and I had to go back to ER. I guess they said it is called psudoseizures which just means seziures brought on from stress. It was very scary being there all alone, but I made it and am feeling a little bit better....still not 100% but getting there.

    As for treatment it is going pretty good I think. I am eating and I'm not a total mess evertime food is placed in front of me. I am trying my hardest to get better, and get home. I am so glad that I went to treatment though because honsetly I am starting to feel better already. I know it's still early on but I am feeling better as each day passes. Well I need to get off of here and do some devotions. Love <3

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